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Bianca Fallon || Media Makeup

Bianca Fallon || Media Makeup

When Bianca Fallon starting learning more about suicide she realised self-esteem was a major factor in many suicides. Her job is about empowering people, letting them look in the mirror and like what they see. 

Bianca’s Self Esteem for Life seminars are designed to engage participants in a programme introducing positive, personal presentation soft skills for Pasifika and Māori within their local communities. Key activities within the Self Esteem for Life seminars include Self Assessment, Health, Nutrition, Exercise, Makeup, Hair, Styling, starting by identifying the areas of concern for the participant and talking about the possibilities and potential of grooming, styling, exercise and healthy eating.

This highly innovative plan delivered services to empower people, foster resilience, and bring people and resources together to encourage confidence, develop self esteem and to reward and educate. The Self Esteem for Life modules have been piloted and are already used annually in collaboration via the Ministry of Social Development and Prime Ministers Youth Trust and Mangere East Family Services

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