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Comprehensive, coordinated and connectedness

The prevention of suicide is both complex and challenging, and no single initiative or organisation can prevent suicide on its own. A comprehensive and coordinated approach is required across government and non-government organisations, and in partnership with the community.

Te Rau Matatini has been a key player in the development of suicide prevention resources, training and programmes for Māori communities. One in five people who die by suicide are Māori, rates of youth suicides are two-and-a-half times higher for Māori youth compared with non-Māori youth, and there is growing concern that suicide is increasing among Pasifika communities. We empower Māori communities with the tools and resources they need to help whānau in need and to prevent suicide.

Over the past 10 years, we have been actively engaged in the design, development and delivery of community suicide prevention and postvention programmes across Aotearoa New Zealand. A key learning over the past 10 years is that “one-size does not fit all” when it comes to community suicide prevention and postvention planning. Through identifying community champions and building rapport to gain their trust, confidence and support encourages the development of essential components to assist the progression and delivery of tailored community suicide prevention and postvention plan initiatives.

Te Rau Matatini has also established working relationships with various Government ministries and agencies, non-Government agencies, tertiary education centres, health workforce centres, national Māori providers and other mental health sector organisations. Expanding Te Rau Matatini networks throughout the country allows further influence on all matters Māori. As policies, best practice and innovative programmes are being established it enhances the input from Māori for Māori.

Te Rau Matatini appreciates and gives thanks to all of our strategic partners throughout the country. Mauri Ora! Pae Ora!

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