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The Fono Health & Social Services

The Fono Health & Social Services

The Fono sees to support Pasifika people residing in West Auckland with better access to clinical care, increased awareness of suicide risk and advocacy to access community and government resources as they relate to effective suicide prevention services.

The Enua Ola network of West Auckland and North Shore churches and community groups is facilitated by the Fono and the Fono will leverage these networks to work with other community organisations and relevant groups to achieve its goals.

The Fono’s Plan included taking a multi-faceted approach to suicide prevention including a wrap around support model of care targeting Pasifika youth using the H.E.A.D.S.S assessment tool - Home & Environment,  Education & Employment, Activities, Drugs Sexuality Suicide/Depression. I wase delivered in culturally appropriate ways, in a youth friendly environment by trained General Practitioners after hours. The Fono also ran programmes for parents within the community in conjunction with community leaders to educate and increase awareness of suicide prevention amongst Pasifika people.

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