Innov8 Group

Innov8 Group

Innov8 Group Ltd currently provides counselling, education sessions, and first response services for high needs or high risk Māori and Pasifika individuals, whānau, groups and communities.

Developing and mastering all the right skills to cope with ‘Life Building’ situations, is a luxury that most people don’t get to experience. Where some experiences can strengthen resolve, build resilience and clarify perspective for some, others might be adversely affected and easily become overwhelmed. No one can know what might trigger an individual to embark on a negative path or when this might happen. We can, however, provide better support for those who may find themselves in this situation.

There are a few organisations that are contracted to deliver support - from pro-active positive reinforcement, helping to develop skills, early intervention, counselling, to crisis intervention and post-vention but, quality of delivery is inconsistent and lacks real coordination.

Whilst Innov8 Group Ltd provides services in many of these areas without contract, the Waka Hourua project has given us the opportunity to facilitate improved access and coordination for consumers and services.

Our Waka Hourua project was designed to:

  • Develop and produce innovative resources that will assist individuals and families with hands on information, approved advice and contacts to seek support where required.
  • These user friendly resources will focus to improving access to information, pathways to services, and provide on-the-spot advice and support. 
  • Resources will be free, accessible 24/7 and specifically targeted at those who feel reluctant to take that first step towards help. They will be designed to be used by affected individuals, their associates (friends, family, school mates etc), and/or those affected by or trying to help (parents, friends, teachers, youth leaders etc).
  • Innov8 Group Ltd will also work with existing service providers to encourage a positive and more productive experience for those who take the step to make contact via these resources.

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