Kahungunu Wairarapa

Kahungunu Wairarapa

This project sees the development and implementation of the Wairarapa Whānau Education and Awareness Action Plan 2014 – 2016 to address suicide prevention. The Plan seeks to promote the health and wellbeing of Wairarapa youth and their whānau, so they feel treasured, respected, connected, supported and safe, and they are part of a community collaborative approach to suicide prevention.

The overall approach of the Plan is to:

  • reduce the rate of suicide and suicidal behaviour for Wairarapa Youth
  • promote health restoration, education and awareness in assisting to reduce suicidal behaviour, and
  • move youth, whānau and the wider community towards an optimistic future promoting Mauri ora.

The Plan included:

  • an annual “Wairarapa Whānau Education Roadshow”  in the Wairarapa to promote all aspects of health, and
  • consultation and collaboration among all stakeholders to develop unity, access to
  • services for whānau and build community capacity and resilience.

A key innovation is the inclusion of Wairarapatanga as a framework and the foundation on which further innovative responses to this issue can be developed. Wairarapatanga ensures that response are located within nga taonga tuku iho a Hākui mā, a Hākoro mā.

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