Kinetic Wayfinding

Kinetic Wayfinding

Kinetic Wayfinding provided a dynamic vision of urban Pasifika theatre that fused education theatre, hip-hop theatre and multimedia performance art, as part of its storytelling styles, to develop and stage high quality theatre productions. 

Its Waka Hourua project included a play titled ‘The Tautai of Digital Winds’ which is a merger of two plays ‘Tautai’ and ‘Digital Winds’, bringing life to the influences within youth culture such as social media and technology. 

Giving voice to urban Pasifika youth born and raised in Aotearoa, it explored the concepts of cultural alienation, cultural disconnection and the search for identity. The play raised the profile of suicide risk factors, violence, trauma and complex family relationships. It featured two 16 year old youths, Mauilata and Celeste.  With a large cast of both seasoned and new, The Tautai of Digital Winds promised to be electrifying, fresh, vibrant, and innovative, with unforgettable characters.

Using an education theatre approach the project aims were:

  • teach the technique and craft of theatre to youth within the community
  • use the art of theatre as a medium to learn techniques to deal with life issues, and
  • encourage the art of expression in a safe environment.

The project provides: 

  • a creative and safe environment to share the process of dealing with grief
  • an opportunity for fearless conversations both on and off stage, and 
  • the sharing of Sahara’s voice, giving voice to a new performer, in turn a voice within their families and wider community.

Dedicated in loving memory of the directors’ 14 year old daughter Sahara and her love of the arts.

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