Māori and Pasifika Outcomes Framework


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The Waka Hourua Outcomes Framework is aligned to Action 11.3 of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2013 – 2015 (Ministry of Health, 2013). The Outcomes Framework is being utilised to demonstrate progress, monitoring and measuring, providing evidence of how the Waka Hourua Māori and Pasifika Suicide Prevention programme makes positive differences to Māori and Pasifika and that there are clear links between actions/ pathways and outcomes.

Te Kiwai Rangahau, the Te Rau Matatini Research and Evaluation team has located the Community Funded Initiatives – Māori outcomes within the Waka Hourua Māori and Pasifika Outcomes Framework.The Actions/Pathways and Indicators detialed in the initiative reports underpin achievement of the Waka Hourua Māori and Pasifika Suicide Prevention Programme. The criteria listed are not intended to be a comprehensive inventory, but are a combination of specific wellbeing and health concepts valued by the whānau and communities participating in the Waka Hourua Māori and Pasifika Suicide Prevention programme, along with the guidance of the Waka Hourua Leadership Group, in consultation with Waka Hourua Research Symposium members 2015.  Dr Kahu McClintock discussed the Waka Hourua Outcomes Framework during her presentation at the Waka Hourua Research Symposium.   



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