Mahia Rangatahi Toa

Mahia Rangatahi Toa

Mahia Peninsula, 52 kilometres from Gisborne and 58 kilometres from Wairoa, has experienced a high number of suicides. This combined with low socio-economic disadvantage and high levels of drug and alcohol abuse means there is an urgent need to stimulate higher levels of self esteem and confidence in Mahia rangatahi.

Mahia Rangatahi Toa Youth Development Group was established in 2012 to teach young people adventure and activity skills.  By 2013 the boys and girls were helping design a group programme to include cycling, cooking, budgeting, fitness, driver education, horticulture and golf. The group facilitator is applying sound professional and personal experience and skills to challenge at risk youth with low, medium and high skill level tasks, developing their capacity to overcome fear and increase self confidence and self worth.

Group members wanted to add further challenges to their programme and develop skills to meet these challenges. They look forward to learning recruitment, mentoring and management skills to become self-governing and self-sustaining.

An infographic summary of the highlights and achievements is available: Mahia Rangatahi Toa.

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