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New Zealand Rugby League

New Zealand Rugby League

New Zealand Rugby League (NZRL) governs rugby league throughout New Zealand and works directly with all zones, regions and clubs. While there are strategies in place to grow the sport NZRL is also about inspiring people to fulfill their potential within families, communities and society. Over 80% of NZRL’s community is Māori or Pasifika, from low socio-economic communities. In 2013 two young players took their lives. This and other factors have prompted NZRL to be more proactive.

The platform for engagement about suicide prevention and reducing risk is through community, regional and national camps and tournaments, bringing people together and resourcing them to prevent suicide and support those bereaved by suicide.  NZRL has a number of programmes that run throughout the calendar year. The programmes are designed to develop men of character and integrity that will go on to become role models for their families, communities and society.

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