Waka Hourua is a partnership between national Māori health workforce development non-government organisation, Te Rau Matatini and national Pacific non-government organisation, Le Va. 

Te Rau Matatini and Le Va have come together to deliver Waka Hourua, a suicide prevention programme for Māori and Pasifika communities. 

Waka Hourua has five key components. These are:

  1. National Leadership
    A National Leadership Group of Pasifika and Māori leaders monitor the performance of the programme and provide a distinctive and informed voice for Māori and Pasifika suicide prevention.
  2. Pasifika Community Suicide Prevention
    Le Va is the national coordination centre for Pasifika Community Suicide Prevention.
  3. Māori Community Suicide Prevention
    Te Rau Matatini is the national coordination centre for Māori Community Suicide Prevention.
  4. Community Fund
    A one-off contestable fund for Māori and Pasifika families, whānau, hapū, iwi and communities to establish community based suicide prevention initiatives and effective community based responses when suicide has occurred.
  5. A Strategic Research Agenda
    A Strategic Research Agenda to contribute to the evidence base of what works for Māori and Pasifika.

Waka Hourua provides a strong voice for Māori whānau, hapū, iwi, Pasifika families and communities on suicide prevention and postvention. It is a commitment to:

  • build resilience and a commitment to prevent and reduce suicide and respond safely and effectively when and if suicide occurs
  • build leadership and knowledge through education and training that’s relevant and available to Maori whānau, hapū, iwi, Pasifika families and communities
  • contribute to the evidence base of what works for Māori whānau, hapū, iwi, Pasifika families and communities to prevent suicide
  • build leadership for suicide prevention.

The Branding

Waka Hourua is a double hulled canoe designed to travel great distances across Te Moana Nui a Kiwa. In Aotearoa it’s the waka, in Samoa it’s the ‘alia, Tonga the Kalia, Fiji the Drua and Rarotonga the vaka-katea.  Waka Hourua is a visual representation of the partnership between Māori and Pasifika, Te Rau Matatini and Le Va.  It acknowledges our common ancestry and shared journey steering pathways toward more resilient and flourishing Māori and Pasifika families. It is an opportunity to strengthen the relationships that bind us on our journey towards the achievement of common goals.  Waka Hourua calls us to work together and learn from each other to prevent and reduce suicide in our communities. How we do this will be particular and specific to the communities in which we work and live together.

The Waka 

The Waka is a symbol of a heritage that is shared through out the Pacific. Te Moana nui a Kiwa (the ocean) will never separate Māori and Pasifika people as long as we know who we are and where we are from.

Proud of our lands and the waters that surround us, Waka Hourua  respects the knowledge of our ancestors, and understands the benefits to future generations.   We know that traditional and modern advise can clash - but by listening to our elders, and our traditional stories, with the compelling drive to make a difference to our people.  We believe will strengthen the presence and acceptance of Maori and Pasifika ways of doing things, and finding solutions that work for our people in response to the issues in this modern world.  

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