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Solutions can come from Communities

Communities can play an important role in suicide prevention and improving mental health and wellbeing amongst people. Te Rau Matatini believes an inclusive approach, with prevention and action based strategies in communities are best to fight the challenges New Zealand has with self harm and suicide. From the work of Waka Hourua (2014-2017), evidence shows that communities maybe defined and viewed differently by people, but they all possess purpose, meaning, values and draw people together.  

We found various solutions came from within communities, thus highlighting suicide as not only an individual issue but with consequences for whānau and communities. Through community participation, action and intervention local and regional efforts profiled the strengths in communities. These were mobilised by the kaupapa (purpose) to make a difference and to respond safely, yet assertively to the losses experienced through suicide. By involving ordinary people, liaising with local experts, in turn linked to the access and distribution of resources and support to enhance communities.    

There is still more to do amongst communities across Aotearoa.

If Waka Hourua can assist you and your community; please contact: Tio Sewell.    

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