Community Fund

The Waka Hourua Community Fund was a one-off contestable fund of $2 million established to support community-based suicide intervention initiatives or projects, which was launched on the 10 February 2014. The Fund was divided into two funding streams:

  • Māori whānau, hapū, iwi and communities.
  • Pasifika families and communities.

Over the last three years, Te Rau Matatini has had the privilege of supporting 47 community based Māori suicide prevention and post-vention initiativesAll of the initiatives were funded on the basis that they:

  • focus on the needs of the community and include protective factors for suicide prevention and post-vention;
  • encourage communities to work together in collaborative relationships to develop and implement solutions to local issues;
  • show innovation; and
  • contribute to greater resilience, connection, protection and inclusiveness for all its members.

All of the initiatives aligned with the goals of Waka Hourua, which encompassed the following:

  •  People are informed about and assisted to access the services available to them;
  •  Community leaders empower people, foster resilience and bring people and resources together;
  •  Families, whānau and communities have stronger relationships and confidence to be able to talk about their difficulties;
  •  Families, whānau and communities are strongly connected to one another and people actively participate in the community;
  •  People bereaved by suicide receive the support they need within their families and whanau; and
  •  Families, whānau and communities have their own approaches and plans in place and are actively building resilience and reducing risks of suicide.

Te Kīwai Rangahau, Te Rau Matatini Research and Evaluation team has located The Community Funded Initiatives – Māori outcomes within the Waka Hourua Māori and Pasifika Outcomes Framework. The Waka Hourua Outcomes Framework aligns with Action 11.3 of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2013 - 2015 (Ministry of Health, 2013).  Which was developed as a means of demonstrating progress, monitoring and measuring, providing evidence of how the Waka Hourua Māori and Pasifika Suicide Prevention programme make positive differences to Māori and Pasifika and to show that there are clear links between actions / pathways and outcomes.  Within the Waka Hourua Māori and Pasifika Outcomes Framework are three goals of which all of the Māori Waka Hourua initiatives have been grouped under:

Goal One: Informed, cohesive and resilient communities

Goal Two: Strong, secure and nuturing whānau

Goal Three: Safe, confident and engaged rangatahi (youth)

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