Cook Islands Health Network Association New Zealand Incorporated

The Cook Islands Health Network Association (NZ) exists to represent the healthcare interests of Cook Islands people in New Zealand by promoting health and wellbeing, contributing to and participating in health development in New Zealand

This Waka Hourua Project is about building Cook Islands capacity to prevent and respond to suicide, collecting what exists in terms of individual, family and community, clinical and cultural capacity to develop effective approaches to prevention and post-vention. It is also about empowering Cook Islands youth to be proud view their culture as their treasure and their means of survival.

The project is in three stages.

One – creating conversations for our wellbeing. Consultation within Cook Islands communities to foster relationships with in communities, increase awareness identify risk factors, consider best response approaches, collect stories of survival, resilience and strength and identify natural community navigators.

Two – creating a way to move forward. A working group will bring together the community knowledge with knowledge about best practice, what Cook Islands organisations and groups are already experiencing and Cook Island identity within the context of suicide prevention and post-vention. The outcome will be two resources; a guide for community leaders and a prevention package for Cook Islands communities.

Three – beginning the journey. This stage is piloting the packages that will be made available for any community group to pick up and use as basis for good, solid, safe suicide prevention and post-vention work for Cook Islands people.


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