Tau Iho I Te Po Trust

There is concern and anxiety for the tamariki and rangatahi living in isolated settlements along the eastern coats of Northland in the Whangaroa rohe where, in 2013,  the highest rate of youth suicide in Aotearoa occurred. In addition to the isolation for these tamariki and rangatahi, there is frustration at the lack of opportunity. 

Tau Iho I Te Po Trust currently undertakes community engagement and whānau ora based activities for tamariki and rangatahi. The Trust’s Waka Hourua project involves rangatahi, Whānau Rangatahi, in a range of learning, mentoring and experiences that will inspire, challenge and strengthen them.

This project will build resilience in Whānau Rangatahi by introducing them to new and unique experiences, people and challenges outside their province. These new experiences will also serve to strengthen cultural identity and resilience while building confidence and knowledge.

The project is in three stages:

  1. Establishment – engaging whānau and community to develop a Result Based Activity framework that informs the project, enlists community project partners and designs events that rangatahi can be involved in as part of leadership training.
  2. Development and Completion – engaging rangatahi in comprehensive, coordinated events over 20 days. PATH planning will also be introduced to inform individual Whānau Rangatahi future planning.
  3. Review – this includes ongoing support for Whānau Rangatahi from community partners and mentors and Whānau Rangatahi returning home to articulate the dynamics of whanaunatanga.

Contact for this project is: Waitangi Wood mob: 021 081 95295

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