What you can do

Show you care

Often, suicidal thinking comes from wanting to end deep psychological pain. Death seems like the only way out. But it isn't. Show you care. Listen carefully to what they have to say.

“I'm worried about you, about how you feel.”

Ask the question

Don't hesitate to raise the subject. This won’t put the idea into their heads. If you think they’re thinking about it start the conversation, ask the question.

“Are you thinking about suicide?”

Get help

Never keep talk of suicide a secret, even if they ask you to. It’s better to risk a friendship than a life. And do not try to handle the situation on your own. While you offer support, help get help.

”Let's talk to someone who can help...let's call the crisis line, now.”


There are also great resources and information that you can refer to at Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand (SPINZ).

SPINZ also has a series of six short videos about suicide prevention, that give you facts and practical information to increase your capacity to help. Topics covered include:

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