Phoenix New Zealand Performing Arts

Phoenix New Zealand Performing Arts

Phoenix Performing Arts believe that some of the strongest protective factors for suicide prevention amongst youth are in their ability to problem solve and take ownership of solutions to navigate life’s difficulties. They identify an urgent need for our young people to reconnect with their communities and have a safe environment in which to express their concerns and perspectives.

This project used performing arts as a mechanism to engage young people in creating a theatre piece and visual resource/ dvd that present strategies for suicide prevention.  Clinical expertise was called on to provide information about recognising and responding to suicidal behaviours and connecting to relevent services. The visual resource/ dvd  comprised short scenarios that highlight protective strategies for suicide prevention.

The project was piloted in West Auckland with 60-80 young people, primarily Niue, Cook Island and Tokelauan. Adult mentors will offer professional skills and cultural competence to support the young people and ensure Pacific specific perspectives.

The main components of the  project are youth workshops, focusing on understanding and preventing suicide, youth mentoring, focusing on building resilience and well-being, performance and public awareness around suicide, focusing on bringing families, schools, churches and communities groups together.



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