Waka Hourua

Programme Partners

Whanaungatanga Effective Engagement and Consultation

There are two programme partners for the four year delivery of Waka Hourua - national Māori health workforce development non-government organisation, Te Rau Matatini and national Pacific non-government organisation, Le Va. The two represent unique approaches to Waka Hourua. The primary outcome for this partnership is to reduce the suicide rate for both Māori and Pasifika communities, living in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Te Rau Matatini is a leader in the development of innovative health and disability workforce solutions that respond to the needs of Māori and their communities. Established in 2002, Te Rau Matatini focuses on supporting Māori health leadership, designing innovative workforce solutions, delivering culturally relevant workforce training and responding to the needs of Māori communities through innovative service design and research. Te Rau Matatini also provides scholarships to build and strengthen the Māori health workforce. 


As a lead Pasifika non-government organisation specialising in wellbeing, Le Va’s purpose is to create opportunities for Pacific families and communities to flourish, through embracing Pasifika solutions.

Le Va takes a holistic perspective to flourishing and wellbeing - encompassing the physical, mental, social, environmental and spiritual dimensions of wellbeing. This is reflected in Le Va’s diverse portfolio across Pasifika mental health, addiction, disability, public health, general health, suicide prevention, education, as well as in sport and with local government. Le Va walks alongside organisations providing carefully developed resources, tools, information, organisational development and support services all contributing to the best outcomes possible for our Pasifika families and communities. 

Ko Mātou Rōpū Tuakana / Teina Our Strategic Partners and Relationships - Strategic Connectedness

Te Rau Matatini has also established working relationships with various Government ministries and agencies, non-Government agencies, tertiary education centres, health workforce centres, national Māori providers and other mental health sector organisations. Expanding Te Rau Matatini networks throughout the country allows further influence on all matters Māori. As policies, best practice and innovative programmes are being established it enhances the input from Māori for Māori.

New and established partnerships and relationships have enabled the delivery of extensive programmes for enhancing clinical and cultural competency. Te Rau Matatini appreciates and gives thanks to all of our strategic partners throughout the country. The organisation continues to flourish and moves closer to becoming the lead organisation for Māori Health Workforce Development.

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