Rape Crisis Gisborne

Rape Crisis Gisborne

Rape Crisis Gisborne provides counselling and support for people who have experienced sexual violation either recently or historically. Concerned that Tairawhiti has one of the highest incidence of youth suicide in the country and there is a lack of resources to recognise and deal with youth suicide, Rape Crisis Gisborne seeks educate and support victims of sexual violence and their whānau.

This Waka Hourua project, Te Korowai Wakaea, a marae-based, five part workshop programme sexual violence victims and their whānau with the knowledge and resources to recognise possible self-harm and/or suicidal ideation in their whānau. 

The marae based workshop programme were presented by two qualified Māori women counsellors, specialising in the area of suicide prevention and targeting victims of sexual violence and their whānau. Topics included: 

  • Know the Signs
  • Learn to Have a Conversation
  • Reach Out
  • What Not to Say
  • Myths of Suicide.

The programme was provided holistically, acknowledging that the wairua must be intact before any other healing can be effective. The aim to provide participants with the resources to empower them to help in the healing process. 

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