Taikura Trust

Taikura Trust

There is a dearth of reliable data around the experiences of disabled people in relation to suicide, especially youth suicide. This creates a vacuum for young disabled people and a challenge for mental health and suicide prevention and post-vention services in designing and delivering programmes that meet the needs of young disabled people.

Recently young Māori and Pacific with disabilities helped The Cube secure funding for an anti-bullying programme they designed and developed. The Cube and Taikura Trust see the opportunity to apply the same methodology to support Māori and Pacific disabled youth to incubate suicide prevention solutions.

This Waka Hourua project provided a safe place for Māori and Pacific young people with disabilities who live across the greater Auckland region to share stories, discuseds suicide and suicide prevention and identified solutions for disabled youth.

The project also supporedt the young people to tap into advice and access to government agencies, community organisations, social services and individuals to enhance their knowledge and understanding of suicide risk and prevention, to empower them to innovate and design their own suicide prevention and post-vention initiatives and to collaborate with the wider community.

A core group of 10 – 12 Māori and Pacific young disabled people, meeting fortnightly over six months defined, designed and developed suicide prevention solutions that meets their needs and the needs of their whānau and families, supported by professional and skilled facilitators and support workers. Facilitation was at The Cube, a virtual innovation space, and the venue will be Phab Club rooms.  

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