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Te Hauora o Ngāti Haua Trust

Te Hauora o Ngāti Haua Trust

Te Hauora o Ngāti Haua wants to reduce the risk of suicide by strengthening whānau, facilitating access to effective clinical care for mental, physical and substance abuse disorders, providing family and community support and developing skills in problem solving, conflict resolution, and nonviolent ways of handling disputes. It also wants to build whānau and community capability through wānanga and training to improve knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes that prevent suicide and strengthen whānau and community factors that value whānau and life through positive iwi events and celebrations.

The project included the recruitment of a project coordinator and establishment of a Leadership Working Group. The work included:

  1. Three Hapū Wānanga to strengthen whānau connectedness, resilience, knowledge and strategies.
  2. Capacity/Leadership Training Workshops to build capacity to respond to, reduce and prevent suicide, engaging clinical and community expertise.
  3. Promotional Hui and bi-monthly newsletter to maintain regular engagement with marae and key community organisations.
  4. Installation of three art panels or ‘Pou’ in the wharekai of each marae to promote awareness of suicide and enhancing  the protective factors of whānau, marae, hapū, iwi and community.
  5. Whānau Day Event to celebrate the strength, purpose and value of whanau connectedness, promoting awareness of key issues impacting on whānau wellbeing and key risk factors.
  6. Design and development of a Whānau Toolkit Resource.
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