Te Ihi Ora Wānanga

The term ‘Te Ihi Ora’ represents the physical expression of the inner dialogue of self, and  wānanga connects with people in their communities in varying ways.

Te Ihi Ora is a wānanga delivered by Te Rau Matatini as a proactive response alongside Māori to the challenging issue of suicide. 

The underlying philosophy of the wānanga is the exuberance of life, and assists people to address various challenges in the pursuit of wellness, and to tackle the situation associated with suicide.

Whilst considering the range of mental health, addiction, social, economic and whānau challenges within peoples contexts.

The programme is informed by matauranga Māori, kaumātua and kuia guidance and professional expertise of Te Ihi Ora facilitation team at Te Rau Matatini who have experience in suicide prevention, mental health and addiction treatment with Māori.

The wānanga can be adapted to any context, for whānau, Māori communities, youth and adults, Māori and non Māori frontline practitioners.

For further information please contact: Tio Sewell Kaiwhakahaere: Waka Hourua. 


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