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Te Kāhui Ururoa National Rangatahi Council Network was officially launched at the unSpokenWord / InOvation Trust National Youth Conference in Waikanae in May 2017. Te Kāhui Ururoa will be promoting strong authentic rangatahi voice, leadership and connectivity, to build resilience against rangatahi self-harm and suicide in New Zealand.

The rōpū provide a strong local, regional, and national rangatahi voice for the solutions and strategies needed to build resilience among rangatahi, parents, and their whānau to prevent suicide and respond appropriately.

Te Kahui Ururoa is translated to ‘a gathering place of colony of sharks’. The shark is revered for its fighting spirit, and resilience, that is, ‘to give it your all in everything you do, to be resolute and to never give up’. This is the name that the advisory board nominated for the National Council.

The first stage of the kaupapa was to bring an advisory Board together to develop a National framework for the rōpū.  The Advisory Board was established with the anticipation that the advisory Group will form the nucleus of the National Council Network.

Our Council comprises six rangatahi between the ages of 17 – 25-year-old age from around Aotearoa, who have been impacted by suicide in their lives.

Māori is a youthful population compared to Non-Maori population in this country (Statistics NZ, 2013). The losses of Rangatahi Māori by suicide is much higher than their non-Māori peers (MOH 2016).

While there are many initiatives in our communities, programmes can be isolated and disconnected from each other - especially when they lack youth codesign and development elements. 

Our team comprises of:

  • Cairo Smith - Hawkes Bay

  • Charlizza Harris - Wellington

  • Ezekiel Tamaana Raui - Auckland

  • Mauriora Tawaroa-Takiari - Wellington / Whānganui

  • Quincy Meihana (Hawea) - Whānganui.

Whānau watch for this groups progress, they have the solutions within themselves and their networks. Mauri Ora!


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