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At its core, Trending Information is designed to help people discover information on our site easily. Trending Information is a feature we have added separate from our News and Event Feed - What's Happening - to help people discover general developments or change in a situation content that is both meaningful and informative in the mahi of suicide prevention and reslience. Our goal has always been to deliver a valuable experience for the people who visit our site. So we will be keeping you informed with trending mahi, initiatives, articles and posts.



Matthew Tukaki presents Turamarama Declaration at The National Suicide Prevention Conference Australia 2017

Native Affairs - Flaxroots suicide prevention

Native Affairs - Lets kōrero about suicide

Suicide an expression of a collection not just personal - Maria Baker CE Te Rau Matatini

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Break The Silence: Māori young people are leading the way with suicide prevention

Break The Silence: Government reviews advice to schools on student suicide after Herald investigation

Mental health crusader Mike King believes a "misinformed" fearmongering campaign is to blame for several high schools withdrawing an invitation for him to speak to students

Break The Silence: Mike King says youth suicide 'national shame'

Suicide reduction goal dropped over fear of Govt accountability



Rangatahi suicide prevention videos

Te Pātūtū Oranga: Successful initiatives to suicide prevention amongst Tāne Māori

See you tomorrow eh! - Rangatahi and whānau suicide prevention resource

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