Vakaloa Pasifika Community Health

Vakaloa Pasifika Community Health

Through health and social service provision Vakaola supports Pasifika people living with mental illness many of whom have experienced thoughts of suicide and self-harming. This Waka Hourua project is based on the experience of Vakaola with its Like Minds Like Mine contract which has grown into meaningful engagement with service users, their families and their communities.

The project focused on four ethnic groups, Tokelau, Cook Islands, Samoa and Niue Islands, in Porirua, Lower Hutt and Wellington with Vakaola becoming a key community stakeholder that Pasifika families and communities can safely approach for support.

The project included:

Consultation – networking across the region, through community groups, other professionals and providers.

Promotion – radio as the medium for pre-recorded interviews, vignettes, messaging, talk back and ethnic specific languaging.

Resources – family activity programmes, ethnic specific programmes, self – help and self – esteem resourcing, coaching and mentoring.

Vakaola is well placed to reach many Pasifika families and their communities, increasing understanding and awareness of suicide prevention strategies through effective communication, human and material resources.  

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