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Whānau Family

Ongoing improvements in the physical health of Māori contribute to increased wellbeing for individuals and whānau. 

Whānau is our priority. Te Rau Matatini is committed to significantly improving the health of Māori that will contribute to increased entire wellbeing for individuals,whānau and their communities.

Statistic after statistic that tells us that Māori have a higher level of need for health care. Improving these statistics for Māori whānau is one of our key priorities.  We will be advocating for whānau, hapū, iwi and community development and supporting whānau participation at all levels of the health and disability sector.  

We are a strong national Māori voice leading the health sector and encouraging everyone in the health and disability sector to work collaboratively, to think beyond narrow definitions of health and to provide high-quality and effective services for whānau and their communities.

We want our Māori whānau to achieve:

Mauri ora – healthy individuals - means maximum health and wellbeing for Māori and whānau.

Whānau ora – healthy families – means Māori families supported to achieve their maximum health and wellbeing.

Wai ora – healthy environments – means Māori have access to resources and live in an environment that supports a healthy life.    

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